Searching For A Dog That Can Hunt And Be A Good Pet? Choose A Clumber Spaniel

If you like to go hunting, a dog can make things go much easier. One dog that can help you with this is the Clumber spaniel, which helps hunt game birds. If you are looking for a dog like this, this spaniel may be the best choice for you. 

Loves Their Family

Even if you use your Clumber spaniel for hunting, they should still live in your house with you and your family. This is the type of dog that does not like to be left alone, and leaving them in the backyard or in a pen all night is not a good choice. You will find this breed is very loving and kind. You will also find the dog is very calm, even in highly tense situations, which is one reason they make great hunting dogs. 

Clumber spaniels may choose one favorite person in the family, or they may love everyone the same. They are so friendly, so do not expect this dog to be a guard dog for you. Instead, they will happily greet anyone that knocks on your door. You should still take your dog out with you when you can to help give it socialization with people and other dogs. 

Living With The Clumber Spaniel

A Clumber spaniel loves and needs exercise. They love to swim, but taking your dog for a brisk walk daily will work well. These dogs are large dogs, so walking and exercising them is important as they can easily become overweight, which can lead to many health problems. If you do work all day, your dog will not like it, but they will likely sleep all day while you are gone. Just make sure you are ready to walk your dog as soon as you get home. 

The Clumber spaniel coat is soft and dense. You should brush your dog every few days to keep their coat clean and to remove hair from the undercoat. This will help cut down on shedding. You can have their coat trimmed, but you do not have to. If you use the Clumber spaniel as a hunting dog, you will need to bathe it more often. 

The breeder can give you much more information about the Clumber spaniel. You should also take your dog to a vet soon after you arrive home. The vet can give you tips on caring for your new dog, such as the best food to feed them and how much food they will need.

For more information about a Clumber spaniel, reach out to a local breeder.

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