Should You Get A Bernese Mountain Dog?

Several breeds of dogs rise and fall in popularity based on puppy-buying trends, movie influences, and even social media presence. You've seen the French Bulldog have its moment in the spotlight as well as the Corgi and the classic Golden Retriever and Labrador. It's great when dog breeds get their moment to shine because the general public gets to learn more about breeds of dogs that can benefit them most.

Now you've heard of the Bernese Mountain Dog, a beautiful breed of dog that is known for its striking markings and beautiful stature. You may see Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale and be tempted to buy one of these fluffy and beautiful pups. Learn more about this breed of dog to see if it's right for you and your family.

Do you want a large dog?

No matter how tiny and adorable the Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale you see are, know this — these pups turn into large dogs. The average Bernese weighs upwards of 70 pounds as an adult, and a big male can be over 100 pounds. While this breed of dog is known for its intelligence and gentle demeanor, it's still a very big dog, so make sure you know what you're getting into when looking at Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.

Do you want a working dog?

At the end of the day, the Bernese Mountain Dog is still a working dog, used originally as a protection dog as well as a cattle driving dog. However, this breed is well-known for its calm and gentle demeanor and is often used for strictly companion dog purposes by many pet owners. Still, when you look at Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale, know that you are potentially investing in an active and working breed of dog, so be prepared to take your new large companion on plenty of walks and keep them stimulated in other ways as well.

Do you want a gentle giant?

When it comes to loving family and perfect loyalty, you can't get much better than a Bernese. This large and affectionate dog loves to be around its family and other people, so make sure you include your dog on your outings and give your dog plenty of attention if you choose to invest in this breed. This is not a dog that will be comfortable being left outside constantly, although this calm dog can spend hours alone at a time and be comfortable.

For more information on Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, contact a breeder near you.

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