Pros and Cons of Choosing a Beagle Puppy as Your Family Dog

Beagle puppies are adorable with their big, floppy ears and little button noses. But "cute" is not the only quality you want to look for in a family dog. A beagle puppy may, indeed, be the perfect choice for your family, but it's important to consider the pros and cons of the breed before you bring one home.

Pro: Beagles Love People

Beagles are hardly ever aggressive or mean towards anyone. They'll quickly fall in love with all of your family members, young and old. They do tend to choose one person who they become closest to, but they'll love everyone else, too. You don't have to worry about them acting aggressively towards your children or your child's friends.

Con: Beagles Can Be Tough to Potty Train

Beagles can be pretty stubborn, and they are not the easiest to potty train. You will need to really focus on this when your beagle is a puppy, which may be hard if you have young children who need a lot of your attention, too. If you're really busy and the idea of taking a puppy out every hour or two for days on end sounds overwhelming, this may not be the right breed for you.

Pro: Beagle Puppies Tend to Be Affordable

While prices vary, beagle puppies do tend to be more affordable than many more "designer" dog breeds. When you're raising a family and your budget is tight, not having to spend thousands on a puppy is nice. It leaves you more wiggle room for other puppy-related costs, like vet bills, as well.

Con: Beagles Howl

Beagles like to howl, and stopping them from doing this is not always easy. If you have really young kids, the beagle howling might wake them up. Most families get used to the howling and learn to embrace it, but it's worth considering whether this is an obstacle you're willing to deal with before you get a beagle puppy.

Pro: Beagles Don’t Require Professional Grooming

They have short coats and stay relatively clean on their own. You may want to bathe your beagle now and then, but you can do this at home. This saves you time and money, which is nice when you have a family.

If there is a beagle breeder near you, go take a look at their puppies! If you can deal with the howling and potty training challenges, they make lovely family pets. For more information, find beagle puppies for sale in your area.

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