Why Choose An American Bully Dog?

The American Bully is a fairly new breed of dog. It was created by breeding several types of bulldog together. American Pitbull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers feature heavily in the American Bully's lineage. Purebred dogs offer predictable looks and dispositions, which many dog owners appreciate. Here are four reasons to choose an American Bully as your next dog:

1. They have the rugged good looks distinctive to bulldogs.

American Bully dogs have very distinctive features. They have the wide-set shoulders and muscle mass that tends to characterize bulldogs. They also have large, domed heads with slightly recessed snouts. Bulldog enthusiasts love many things about their preferred breed of dogs, but the bulldog's looks often rank high in the list of beloved traits. If you love the rugged, powerful nature of bulldogs, you'll love the American Bully as well.

2. They have a lower prey drive than similar dog breeds.

Bulldogs can be wonderful pets. However, this type of dog often has a high prey drive, which can be a problem if you keep other animals. The high prey drive has been carefully bred out of the American Bully. Pet owners will be delighted with the American Bully's ability to coexist with cats and other small animals. Dogs with lower prey drives are also easier to control. You'll be able to walk your American Bully without worrying that they will take off chasing a squirrel.

3. They make loving family pets.

American Bully dogs have sweet dispositions. These dogs are highly loyal and affectionate toward their families. Many people want a dog because they're hoping to expand their families. American Bully dogs fit into families of any size. This breed of dog is gentle with children, which makes it an excellent choice for people with young kids. Enjoy the affection and cuddles that only a big dog can provide when you choose to adopt an American Bully.

4. They are incredible guard dogs.

Despite their sweet temperaments, American Bullies make excellent guard dogs. This is a breed of dog that will fearlessly defend you and your family. You'll never have to worry about nighttime intruders with an American Bully in your home. The low, resonant bark of this breed is an effective deterrent to home invaders and other trespassers. People who are worried about personal safety and home security would do well to purchase a dog from an American Bully breeders.

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