Take Your Kitty To A Cat Boarding Facility When You Go Out Of Town

Cats are such independent creatures that it's easy to think they'll be okay left at home alone over a weekend. However, it's usually not a good idea to leave your pet alone for that long due to safety reasons. You never know what can happen when you're away. A fire, intruder, or even your cat's anxiety from being alone could put your cat in danger. An easy solution is to take your cat to a boarding facility. Here are some tips that might help the visit be a pleasant one for you both.

Get Your Cat Ready In Advance

When you make reservations for your cat's stay, find out what you need to bring with you on drop-off day. This can save last-minute scrambling or even having your cat turned away. You'll probably need vet records of immunizations, and information about any medical problems and medications.

Take Your Cat's Food

You'll want to take items from home if you can, such as a bed, blanket, and toys so your cat has a familiar scent for comfort. It's also important to take your cat's food to the boarding facility. Staying in a strange place is stressful enough, and changing the diet could cause your kitty stomach upsets.

Look Over The Cat Boarding Facility In Advance

Go to the facility for a tour before you book a date. You don't want to bring your cat in to be dropped off and be appalled at the conditions. All facilities are not the same. Some merely contain and feed your cat while others strive to make your cat happy and stimulated. Make sure your cat has plenty of room to move around and has the opportunity to exercise often. Play areas are a nice bonus. You probably don't want your cat to share a facility with barking dogs, so choose a place that caters to cats.

Watch How The Staff Treats The Cats

In addition to looking over the facility, watch how the staff takes care of cats. They should interact with them and treat them like they care about the cats' feelings. A facility that is short staffed or has staff that is short-tempered with the cats is probably not a good place for your pet. You want to leave for your trip knowing your cat is in capable and caring hands.

Your cat may not be happy about going to a boarding facility, but you'll at least know your cat is safe and fed. As long as you choose a good cat boarding place, you'll be able to take getaways that add to the enjoyment of life even though you live with a cat who acts independent, but probably misses you a lot when you leave.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Cat Care Clinic.

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