Service Dogs And Why German Shepherds Fit The Bill

There are many reasons why someone can benefit from the help of a service dog. This article will educate you on some of the ways service dogs can help someone with a health or emotional condition, as well as the types of tasks service dogs can specifically do, and why German Shepherds can be a good choice when looking for the right type of dog to act as a service dog.

How can a service dog help someone?

A service dog can help someone with a chronic condition, disability, or emotional condition. The ways in which a service dog can help the person will depend specifically on what it is that they need. Just because two people may have the same condition does not mean their dogs would be trained to do the same things.

For example, someone with hearing loss may have their dog trained to let them know when there is a phone ringing or someone at the door, whereas another person with a dog to help them due to their hearing loss may not need these things because they have a smart home that visually alerts them to calls and visitors through flickering lights. However, the latter person may need their dog to wake them up in the morning and to help them with other things.

What are examples of things service dogs can help with?

People with various medical or emotional conditions may be able to get a lot of help from a service dog. Some things may be helpful for the person, while others may have the potential to be life-saving. For example, if the person with a service dog happens to fall or pass out, the service dog can be trained to go find help and bring help back to the person.

While a service dog can be trained to pick up dropped items or help a person balance, they can also smell insulin changes in a diabetic and alert the diabetic to the issue, so they have time to act. A service dog can also detect beforehand that an epileptic is about to have a seizure and warn them, so they have time to get themselves in a safe location.

Why do German Shepherds make good service dogs?

In many cases, German Shepherds make good service dogs. German Shepherds are extremely smart, and they have excellent senses. They also tend to be patient and well-mannered with the appropriate training. This breed is also loyal, which is an important trait for a service dog to have. The breed is a working breed and they do well with having a job, even when that job is to be someone's service dog. Their size also makes them a good choice for those who need the dog at their side. For more information on this type of dog, you can contact places that have AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies for Sale.

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