Tips for Bringing Home a New Corgi Puppy

Corgis are among the most popular breeds of dogs, and this is with good reason given their friendliness and even temperament. However, new dog owners will often not be fully prepared for the responsibilities involved with bringing home a new puppy.

Utilize Obedience Training From a Young Age

Having an obedient dog can dramatically reduce the stress of having a pet while also limiting the risk of the pet getting hurt. Sadly, many dog owners will fail to invest in obedience training for their pet. By enrolling your puppy in obedience training at a young age, the dog will be more receptive to the lessons, and there will be fewer ingrained habits that will need to be broken.

Invest Time to Socialize Your Puppy

Dogs can easily become overwhelmed when they are exposed to many new stimuli. Unfortunately, this can lead to behavioral problems with the animal. One way to reduce this issue is to invest time in socializing your puppy with other animals and people. This will reduce the excitement the animal experiences in the future so that the animal will be easier to manage in social settings.

Protect Your Pet Against All Pests

Pests can be a major issue for pet owners to have to manage. While fleas may be among the most well-known pests that can target a pet, there are many others as well. For example, worms can create major health issues for your pet regardless of where you live or the season. Also, ticks can be another issue that could spread disease to your animal. Pet owners will often neglect the importance of applying topical parasite repellents to their pet as monitoring the animal for signs of worms. Some pet owners may assume that a simple flea color will be enough for their new puppy, but these collars may only provide limited effectiveness.

Monitor Your Dog's Weight

Weight control and management is another important aspect of owning a dog. This is particularly true for corgis due to the fact that they have a fairly small frame, and this can lead to exaggerated effects of weight gain. In addition to regularly weighing your dog, you may want to place it on a weight management diet once it reaches adulthood. In the event that your animal starts to gain too much weight, you should gradually decrease the amount of food that it is getting rather than radically changing the amount or type. This will limit the stress that this change can have on the dog's digestive system.

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