Health Hazards of Not Cleaning Up Your Dog's Waste

Keeping your pet's poop picked up is not only good for aesthetic or practical reasons (to reduce smells), but it also has some serious health benefits. Contrary to popular belief, dog poop does not make good lawn fertilizer and is actually a serious health hazard for your and your neighbor's dogs if not cleaned up promptly. Here is more information on some of the hazards of letting your dog's poop sit.

High Bacteria Count

Letting dog waste sit means that more fecal bacteria will make its way around your yard and possibly even spread to contaminate other areas. This bacteria is highly likely to spread when you use your lawn tools as well as being transported by you and your pet simply by walking on or near it. The types of bacteria present in dog feces include salmonella, E. coli, and Streptococcus, all of which can make you and your pet violently ill.

Parasites and Diseases

Dog poop is especially detrimental to a dog's health because many dogs can carry parasites and diseases without their owner knowing. Examples of problem parasites spread through feces include hookworms and roundworms. Diseases in dog waste include parvo and coronavirus and can be extremely detrimental or even deadly.

Parasites and viruses are often expelled, or shed, in fecal matter and are spread when another dog sniffs or ingests the waste material. Parasites can be transported or travel into your home or your neighborhood and make other dogs and people sick. In addition to that, some of these parasites and diseases can be harmful to humans.

Contaminated Soil and Water

If you let your dog's waste sit for long periods of time, then it could spread into the soil and waterways. Some parasites and diseases can survive long after they leave your dog's body. If your yard is slow to drain, forms ponds, or if your yard borders on a river or stream, then it is easy for bacteria to enter the water and soil. Soil can also be contaminated by mulching or mowing your lawn without picking up the feces.

In addition to health issues, dog poop can actually damage your lawn and other plants. Therefore, it's important that you pick up your dog's waste as soon as possible. In some areas, there are laws regulating the removal of pet waste and you could also be fined if you do not pick it up. Dog poop should be removed from your yard at least several times a week depending on the size and number of dogs you have. If you cannot keep up with your dog's waste, contact a dog waste removal service.

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