An American Bully May Be Right For Your Family

If you have always loved the look of the American Bully breed, but you don't know much about them, then you want to continue reading. By learning more about the breed, you can determine if this is the right breed for you to bring home. Here are things you should understand about the American Bully.

An American Bully is not a Pitbull

One thing many people do wrong is to think that an American Bully is the same thing as a Pitbull. An American Bully and a Pitbull are two completely different breeds. The American Bully breed was originally bred from Pitbulls, but they were also mixed with many other bully breeds. Now, the American Bully is its own unique breed with its own set of breed standards and its own characteristics.

There are four different sizes of the American Bully

If you have seen an American Bully that you fell in love with, but it was too big for your wants, or was too small, then this won't be a problem. You will be glad to learn that the American Bully actually has four different sizes. There aren't many dog breeds that offer you this much selection with regards to the sizes you have to choose from. With the American Bully, you can get a standard, pocket, XL or classic size. This means whether you want a small or large sized dog, you can still get yourself an American Bully.

American Bullies make fantastic family pets

If you are looking for a good family dog, then this breed will meet your needs here too. This breed is loyal, playful, loving, smart, and full of personality. This breed will be just as happy to sit at your feet at night as it will be to go on a hike with you during the day. They are known to be good with children and they love to spend time with the family. They love to travel, and they are very easy to train. One more thing that makes them great family dogs is they are easy to groom and won't do a horrible amount of shedding throughout your home. Regular brushing is all that's needed to stay on top of the shedding.


If you are looking for a well-rounded dog breed with a big heart and a tough look, then you want to consider bringing an American Bully into your home and heart. Contact a breeder with Bully puppies for sale to learn more.

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