3 Things Every Pet Owner Should Do Before Going On A Trip

Pets can add so much love and joy to your life. Unfortunately, they can also add extra responsibilities which can make travel more difficult. Luckily, you don't have to give up traveling completely just because you adopted a pet. You'll just have to take some extra steps before you go. Here are three things you should do before leaving on a trip as a pet owner:

1. Decide between in-home pet sitting and pet boarding services.

First and foremost, you need to find someone to care for your pet while you're gone. If you have friends or family members that love pets, they may be willing to stay at your house and watch your pet while you're gone. This is a good option for people with cats, since felines tend to be more independent than their canine counterparts.

If you have a dog or if there's no one available to pet sit in your home, consider utilizing a pet boarding service. As the name suggests, a pet boarding facility provides a safe, comfortable place for your pet to stay while you're gone. Trusty staff members will feed, love, and care for your pet until you return from your trip.

2. Write down a list of your pet's medications.

If your pet takes medication to manage any kind of medical condition, you'll want to bring all those medications to the pet boarding facility. You should also bring a list of all your pet's medication. This list should indicate the dosage and time of day that the medicine needs to be administered at. Since multiple staff members may be in charge of caring for your pet at the boarding center, this list will serve as instructions.

3. Prepare any special food your pet might need.

Some pets require a special diet due to medical concerns or just plain pickiness. If your pet eats something besides ordinary kibble, call the pet boarding facility in advance to ask what options they offer. In some cases, they may have the ability to cater to your pet's special needs. If they don't have the right type of food available, you may have to bring your pet's special food to the facility yourself.

If you do these three things, you'll be able to go on your trip worry-free knowing that your pet is in great hands. Enjoy travel again. Take your pet to a local boarding facility where they can relax in a safe, clean, and comfortable space in your absence.

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