Snakes Vs. Lizards: 2 Special Considerations When Choosing A Reptile Your Next Pet

If you have decided to get a new pet, you may be thinking about buying a reptile instead of a cat or dog. You may have even narrowed your choices between a snake or a lizard but cannot decide which one you would like to get. Before you do make the decision, there are a couple of considerations about each type of reptile that you need to think about.

1.  Equipment Required for Their Habitat

The first thing you need to consider before deciding on whether to buy a snake or a lizard is their habitat. While you will need to buy some equipment for either type of reptile, some species will require more than others.

As far as snakes go, they only require a glass tank as a home. You can throw in some rocks and other vegetation to give them places to hide. However, when picking out a tank, make sure you choose one with a lid that closes tightly. Some snakes, such as boa constrictors or pythons, tend to be escape artists and are strong enough to lift a loosely fitting lid.

If you are looking into getting a lizard for a pet, you may have to buy more equipment besides a glass tank. Many lizards, such as bearded dragons, need a consistent amount of UV rays, so you will need to buy special light to provide this for them. Also, you may need to offer them a heated rock to help them keep warm, such as in the case of the gecko.

2.  Food Required to Feed Them

Along with different habitats, snakes and lizards also have different diets. Most lizards are omnivores and eat a combination of fruits, vegetables, and meat, with the latter being provided by giving them insects like crickets to munch on.

However, while they only need to be fed every week or so, snakes are carnivores and need a bit more meat in their diets besides insects. When it comes time to feed it, you would have to give you snake a live mouse or rat. If you are okay doing this, then a snake is lower maintenance. However, if you don't think you can handle giving them live food, you may want to pass on getting a snake.

When it comes to choosing between a snake or a lizard as a pet, your decision should be based on your ability to provide them with a proper home, as well as your preferences for how to feed them. For more information about specific types and species, contact pet stores like Snakes at Sunset that offers reptiles for sale.

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